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Thug Music

Please click on the sites above. Thank you.
Thug Music Network This is a great site with info on lots of artists like Tupac, Bone Thugz, Daz, Dre, Xzibit & more. This is another site built by me, but it has a totally different look. It's all about 'Pacs group Tha Outlawz. Great site with chat, free links, and a whole load of info.
Tupac 24-7 contains info, lyrics, sounds, pics, links.

Exit: 2Pac - Enter: Makaveli Good site, one of the original pac sites.
Tupac Tribute Page Good site, lots of info.
Tupac Shakur Good site, check it out.
Tupac HQ Large site, check it out. Very good 2pac site. Excellent 2pac site. Very good full 2pac site.
Thug Poetry Great site with good information, check it out.
So many tears dot com